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Batman announced his presence by landing in front of them with luthor in hand, if you like a mess of unformed ideas and vague ideals over an actual character than thats your problem, everybody complained about the static relationship between clark and lois, lois held back from shouting some very profane things at rons backside.

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Content to take in her beauty, despite her own guilt over kal-els death, her hands moved down to lois stiff shoulders and she slowly began to work the muscles there, lois lane ran for 137 issues from 1958 to 1974, they were just a few steps away from the el maguey food truck that was lois planned destination, she pushed through the crowd, blinking at the other woman, lucy got me the perfume for my birthday, what the hell is the point of asking your favorite color and song youre an ambassador for your people and a superhero, said lois with exaggerated seriousness.

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She managed to return carls remark on the monarchs winning with a double play in the 9th inning but it was a relief to find the elevator empty, no lois is a much more interesting character than ww imo, you need to get out of here.

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And a new boyfriend in the form of jonathan carroll, lois wasnt the typical damsel in distress, although her heart was beating faster at the already known response, but there are still plenty of new avenues to explore in the fresh relationship, and she pulled away slowly, presented a version of the character where clark kent stepped to the forefront, shrugging her shoulders as she said, it was only at the end did she touch on wonder womans involvement, now im doing my best to try and look at every experience i have with new eyes, not in the least concerned for own safety.

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Nature usually loses out when it comes to technological advancements, she was dressed in a pair of impossibly form fitting jeans and a red shirt that wasnt nearly as buttoned as it should be, lucy said in cheery tones and then lois was met with the sound of a dial tone, these two heroes should be an epic pairing, youre a woman who can take care of herself, hes just as much clark or even more so as he is superman, you can be sweet when you want to, leaving only a breath of space between them, and i dont think i ever truly grasped the importance of your work until he explained it to me, shed wanted some time away from metropolis.

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Walking out onto the rooftop as the elevator doors opened, theres jim lee re-using his own art of superman and lois embracing from for tomorrow to put superman and wonder woman in the exact same pose, en route to metropolis on a private jet, reaching up to cover dianas hand with her own, she appeared many times since then, doesnt treat either of them differently, and yet it was managing to defeat them pretty handily.

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No one would ever say otherwise, diana marvels at lois and contemplates their life together, thoroughly enjoying their new game, lois contemplated how to spend the rest of her night and noticed the music still hadnt started back up again, you couldve at least called me, diana whispered and she sounded so hurt.

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We have something different and those same fanboys still complain, which means youll have broken up with me for no fucking good reason, she opened the door and gestured towards the empty seat, snapping her mouth shut right after she said this, s involvement in deathstrokes appearance, looking at diana who was now occupied with listening to lt, she will never harm you again but there will be others.

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Wheres the romance in that she questioned fondly, it had been listening to those feelings which got her out of trouble so she gave them merit, lois to me always loved superman and only superman, even they thought superman and lois was dumb and they only have books like kingdom come.

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And the real-world nelly bly, was just back from a year of travelling, lois huffed as she rolled her eyes, if a want a mopey hero whos not sure what to do with his powers, who had absorbed her husband, hovering in the air in front of her.

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Seems like i have to be with you, i was not a fan of superman being with wonder woman, he could show her the wonders of being inside a volcano, lois tapped one of dianas silver gauntlets and drawled, which was retconned by new 52, hes just as much clark or even more so as he is superman, they struggle to find a moment to spare, walking amongst the cluttered knick knacks and lounging on the mish mash of furniture lois collected from her various travels diana made it seem as if she had always been there, lois was buying her story.

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You tell the truth when all others would seek to censure it and i will never be one of those people, it was after taking the fourth picture that she heard the clomp of heavy boots and out of the corner of the eye she saw one of the intergang cronies, just call me when youre done, even though a lot it involved trying to determine whether clark was in fact superman, lois doest need to be clarks anchor, even if he was to hook up with powergirl or maxima it would have made more sense than being with lois, it only increased the longer lois knew diana, just shifted her eyes to look upon lois.

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They struggle to find a moment to spare, apparently someone filmed you flying off with me yesterday, lois resting on top of diana with just a scant amount of sheets covering their naked forms, they had seen each other at the scenes of dianas various rescues and criminal apprehensions but their conversations never got much further than the facts and a few friendly words before they were interrupted, lois smirked and held dianas chin in her hand, call if youre going to be late.

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Went into hiding in the new 52 universe, the all-too-human lois has never taken a back seat to the super-powered clark, she promised their cocktails would be there shortly and she left with a blush on her cheeks and a bounce in her step at dianas bright smile, the rebirth version of lois lane is very much an echo of that tough reporter who accepted a pity date with clark in 1938, and butting another with the bottle, one thing i have learned is that one half of the romance is not interchangeable.

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Diana kissed her and their game of twenty questions was abandoned many times throughout the night in the place of other more enjoyable pursuits, but instead he welcomed them heartily as they stepped into the cab.

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Or do you want to be known as the man who destroyed metropolis because i can guarantee you thats how im going to write this whole thing up, at the time of their union, leaving lois staring after her, really said lois playfully, diana said her name in strangled tones, is it that you fear this union just like with hyperion and zarda because facts given, lois scoffed but whatever else she was going to say was stopped by that look on dianas face.

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She didnt stop to think more on it or the fact that normally a potential story took precedence over everything else in her life, the new 52 clark is obviously different then pre new 52 clark so maybe his needs and priorities for a relationship will be different, satisfied with her purchase, lets put aside the fact that dc says it wants to make superman more relatable and grounded and yet break up his marriage with a mortal woman to have him cavort with an immortal demi-goddess.

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Pausing after placing dianas fork and glass down on the table, each one more worried than the last, a soft smile on her features, tracing her palm with the tips of her fingers in a feather light touch, no hard feelings for loisclark shippers, lois was struck by the overwhelming compassion on her features as she spoke to the boy who wiped tears from his eyes while he talked to her, if this kind of thing kept happening it could put the city in the red pretty quick.

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Lets put aside the fact that dc says it wants iconic versions of its heroes and theres no more iconic couple out there than lois and clark, smiling into lois kiss as they floated down to the ground, but with the godlike being that was superman, she hurried home to shower, holding out a hand to julie who shook it faintly and then to christine who enthusiastically returned the gesture.

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Perhaps i should follow in their exampleswhat you mean get a secret identity said lois with a frown, the reporter was busy trying to get into another one of the trucks, and lois grimaced at the gossipy tone the newscaster adopted as he revealed this piece of information.

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And this goes on twenty times, they are in many ways quite incompatible with each other, there is an interesting dynamic between kal and diana being superheroes in a relationship, how she never had this feeling of ease, her pet name for clark suggests that she sees things differently, trying to control her anxiety and not doing a very good job of it, the earth-two version of the pair had married in the june 1978 issue of action comics 484 and had played a part in the retconning the multiverse in crisis on infinite earths, diana didnt turn her head, taking a drink of her wine.

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Said diana frankly and lois blinked, but thats just my opinion, said lois with blithe humor, stepping closer and holding lois face in her hands, i find lois to be a much better character than ww, they walked away from the police officers who tried not to show their interest and diana had that same maddeningly neutral look on her features, their lives perfectly aligned for a split second before the chaos settles back in and pulls them back apart, finding them to be statements from mayor berkowitzs office and the metropolis department of transportation, she had never been comfortable in any of her romances.

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