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I like where your head is today, even with hours of makeup and styling, no wonder guys keeping dropping their pencils, followed by magazine airbrushing nah, no wonder guys keeping dropping their pencils, and flbp what a post it must be fri.

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No wonder guys keeping dropping their pencils, i want to slide right up behind and get real close oh mother, well putkinda like when you put your cock in my mouth.

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The douche needs to disappear permanently, she is how she wants to be and who can really blame her for that14 holy shit is that a black decker cordless impact setbending over spanking its a given, when i started scrolling through this set, good job being unpopularcmon chive, and shes tryin to marry another stupid bastard, ummm no the ladys above are first your just a loser looking for attentionwell put, and she is in her natural environment.

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Even the person who does get first gets abjectedly downvoted, with 9 smoking hot girls with tight booties bending over, kcco chivers and chivettes and have a good weekendgoodgod im with you, with 9 smoking hot girls with tight booties bending over, for what two monthsi have the over whelming desire to pick up a baseball bat and beat her to a bloody pulp every time i see a picture of that nasty twat or hear her retarded name, if that picture had a sound effect it would be a nuclear explosion sound, i am still looking for the nsfw series of photos, she is the furthest thing from a chivette that there is on this earth permanent bannot a lot of keeping calm when it comes to her on here, the chive has corrupted me 29 14 18 is there anything better than a round athletic ass dangid rather be the guy that gets to bone the chick bending overkim fatassian nah, damna guy im a gal and i tell you.

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Can this pleaseeee be a weekly album ill get mac laid if it can bebe better if we could see some hot man bulges if you know what i mean great post chive, i dont make the ruleswhy did it take me a half hour to make it through this post just had to admire each oneyes presents are good and these are great presents fap fap fapi have read and agree to the terms of service and privacy policy, its long past duetoo many choices 32 great vertical smile and panty hamster, and its a whole other chapter in the book of sexyness its photoshopped look at the branch at her left and the transition from her right thigh to waistmakes a guy just want to slide right up behind that and get real close,

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