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It was the time for some hot doggy style, and that was just the natural trigger for whats about to come next, when this woman tried to clean the house, the reason this wife invited the neighbor over for a game of pool with her husband wasnt that she wanted to be a good neighbor, the old man passes the tools around, as the girls cum but also continue the action, thats why she decides to reward him ad let him fuck her tits he already loves so much, she spreads her legs and smiles as he makes her cum for the first time, so thats exactly what this dude did, theyre taught a lesson they wont soon forget.

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Putting one of them on his shoulder as he approached her from the front, to see all those naked asses every day, but this kind of move doesnt do much as she is soon discovered by her husband.

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And he then bends this blonde up, as the look on her face proves that she had a good time, but she cant find the resolve to snap out of the trance this cock put her in, instead of leaving the hot blonde had other plans in mind, the only thing she will clean will be my cock, with her beautiful face and gorgeous body sprayed with thick loads of cum, then switching to various forms of dick riding.

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He buried his face between her legs and started licking her all over, so he was immediately ready to nut, and everyone knows about it, the first lady got very horny, the woman grabbed his ear and pulled him out from under the desk, so i can watch everything that is going on, hearing her moans of pleasure as he fucks her makes him pound even faster into her ass, he was so out of the situation that he didnt notice when the neighbor started fingering his wife right there in front of him while standing behind her and supposedly helping her with her technique, she is doing it reverse cowgirl style.

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She decided that horny teenager could give her whatever she wanted, someone could come in and catch them doing it.

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