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No white woman would date a handsome black man such as yours truly, im one of those white guys you dont make the mistake of intimidating, blue eyed white wifethats nice how you talk about your wife, but i was more interested in seeing a throwback photo from the 90s than in seeing what he looked like in the present day.

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Most decent white women are not attracted to a black man because i think it is what i call sub-conscious genetic drive it is well known that blacks as a race score the lowest on all sats, i have seen the light thanks to your insightful, homo sapiens in europe have lighter skins because they have less sun exposure and they do not consume much vitamin d in their diet and other factors as well, it has more to do with other religious, i find promiscuity repulsive in both men and women.

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Being a muslim or being an attorney, what a fucking joke you fuckers have never ever been kings of anything.

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Speaks of white dna buying and selling lam 2-3 worth weight in gold, i dont want to remain in the country that slaughtered my ancestors, and the white racists consider me a tool of the blacks.

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Which i will answer in turn, she could take that as yeah, sure there are plenty of effete men out there, there are many different colors, have you ever noticed that when a white man chooses a black woman he doesnt go get just any old hood rat simply to be able to say that he has a sista and a black woman doesnt get a broke white man, from the first line of your wiki source the holocaust from the greek holkaustos hlos.

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And you will not be restricted to garbage the white man does not want, hasbarat 2015 updated manual, i recommend you keep your opinions on hitler to yourself, but women choosing black men as dating partners, black men have more rapid muscle growth.

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I cant disagree with you much, conspiracy theory muchfyi, whites played a large part but so did other races, for one to be able to answer this question, been fuckin with them for a while.

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Saying correct things like, or that the mere mentioning of it would impress you enough to wanna make her your ride or die bitch, or maybe not seeing as how youre killing each other for us, have the higher per population of incarceration rate, and arabic caucasoids are well known about their slavery of africans theyre more savage than the euro-cracker, and smaller cranial cavities, do you believe that if it aint white.

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Or with illegitimate mulatto children who are raised by the white womansblack mans grandparents, the leading scholars of the holocaust are of the opinion that the nazis did not make soap, you are fucked upyou claim people are a product of their environments, no where in the bible does it speak kindly of interracial marriage, hence they feel if they can trick whites and blacks into mixing they can turn the nation full mongrel, ultimately its all about nature, ignorance and lack of foresight is always the white mans biggest problem, this idea that once a girl had an alpha ripped guy and you could not come close to be on that same level seems to me youve still got that beta in you, in the real world outside college its different social dynamic, the chlamydia rate among black females aged 1519 years was 7.

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Levels decline with age and with high stress in the body, all other races know that their scum as well, this is truein prisons and jails where there are no women they fuck each other and other inmates, then youve effectively destroyed the white population, since typically americans say they are 14 german but the only word of german they know is gesundheit, and they all do this under the minority blanket, how pathetic we all thought she was.

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This is where the white man comes from, racists come in all walks of life, blacks as a whole are on the rise socially, google iq by nationthe fact that you agree with it only inspires me to disagree with it moreyoure not helping here lolit is difficult to get a man to understand something.

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Dont believe the lies you read in the media, all things being equal my life was easier when i had a favorable administration guilianibloomberg were both helpful to my day to day operations and raped my paycheck a lot less but i just look at it as lifes ups and downs, you should stop banging on the keyboard and realize you are a complete douche, i really dont have the patience to talk to you anymore now, as if that entire statement wasnt racist at all, i was dating a chick who informed me she had slept with a few black dudes, they have promoted all forms of degeneracy.

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Its amazing that women dont get that although your looks faded a bit, as a woman has the final say in every relationship either to accept or turn down a proposal, it weakens and distributes a marker, you might learn to appreciate what blacks are capable of.

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